How to Activate Mcafee on Your Dell System

Antivirus software usually works on every platform and for every system. But, usually, the process might be a little bit different for iOS. You can easily download and install the antivirus to your system without any problems. Usually, people wonder if the process for activating the Mcafee software is different for dell compared to other computers. Here, you might gain some insights about how it is different and also how you can use your antivirus in the dell. Dell computers or laptops come with a pre-installed version of McAfee Security system. You can download or install this software using the link The free trial period is for 30 days. Although the software is already present in your system, you need to activate the software to enjoy its benefits.

Activating your antivirus is very important in your dell or any other system. It will help to keep your system protected from unwanted threats and problems. Before you want to activate your antivirus, you must be well acquainted with the subscription policy and user guidelines. Dell offers a number of subscription plans to suit your needs. You can use the free trial period to know which plan works best for you.

To quickly secure or to Activate Dell McAfee, you must visit You need to put this URL in the address bar of the browser you use to redeem the McAfee product key. The product key constitutes of 25 digits or alphanumeric string that is broken into five sections. You find it on the retail cards or CD covers that come with the purchase of antivirus software system. But for a free version, you do not need to enter this number. You only need to have a McAfee account for this.

For the free trial, follow the following steps.

  •    You also need to know that you can activate this free trial only once and if you have already done that, there’s no point trying it again.
  •    You need to check the windows version you are using.
  •    You must have an active internet connection.
  •    Click on the M icon visible on your desktop. This will automatically launch the pre-installed McAfee Security Center.
  •    You need to choose the kind of network you are using if it is a Wi-Fi connection.
  •    After you choose from the public, work and home network, the server will connect to the McAfee site.

After the last step, product activation will begin and the system will inquire if you already have a McAfee account. After that, you have to enter your email id, name, and password. if you already have an account, you just need to Register Dell Mcafee and use the sign in option. You need to agree to the terms and conditions to proceed further. The final screen discloses the validity period, the expiration date and the credentials you entered. Now, after you use the free version, and make your mind to take an annual subscription, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  •    On the official Mcafee, website Login using the id and password you registered with. For this, you will need to click on My Account.
  •    After you sign in, there will be a Subscriptions section where you can find a suitable package.
  •    Click on Add Device and then Type of Device.

After that, you can simply download the subscription which you have selected.

How to register your Dell computer or laptop with Mcafee

You might have selected a certain subscription plan for a certain time period. The process of registration is completely independent of these. You may Register Dell Mcafee yourself when you are using the trial version or directly when you make a final purchase. Nowadays you can also do so with retail cards. You also do not need the CD for this purpose. Since Dell offers a free trial period, you can also register your system in the trial period only. But if you have forgotten the email id or the password the situation can be different. In the case of a lost password, you can recover or change it using the email id. In any case, you do not remember your email id; you will have to register again using a new id. Thus, it is better if you remember your login credentials.

You can easily get your queries answered in link. By using the link, you can easily register your computer or laptop with Mcafee. You just have to copy the link on the browser’s address bar and follow the steps given thereafter. If you wish to get this done offline, you can choose a software CD with a product key. However, all the products are available on the official website of McAfee. You can also get some free schemes to Activate Dell McAfee when you purchase a dell system. They offer you use for free months of Mcafee security software. This is applicable for select models and for a specific duration. However, if you have used the free version and wish to activate this 15-month pack, you will need your product key.

Since the process of registration only requires entering of the name, email id and set up a password, anyone who has a computer and internet can register themselves within a blink of an eye. In any case, you need to use the link for further process. Under the section, my account, the drop down menu will ask you to sign in. Whenever you will come across this Sign in option, you will find a create account or register option as well. All you need to do is follow the steps that show up on the screen. This will include entering details like the country you live in, the language you use, your name, email id etc. Once you submit all this information and after agreeing to the end user license, you will automatically get registered. If you have a passcode, a product key or activation code, you will also require putting it. If you are using the trial version, you need not follow the last step.