DIY Ways to Install McAfee Antivirus Security

Antivirus is an online program that is designed so as to keep malware, viruses and other such disabling applications away from you system, so your files don’t corrupt and your computer works smoothly even after years of purchase.

How is McAfee antivirus better?

McAfee offers total protection against potential internet threats. Rated as one of the best ten anti-viruses available, McAfee is a trusted and effective solution that prevents the slowdown of your computers and other digital devices.

Why should you consider buying Mcafee antivirus?

Nobody wishes to have viruses and worms inside their system. Also, without an effective malware protection, you are vulnerable to system hacking as well as internet crimes. With mobile banking and online transfers, it is mandatory for every system to have a protecting software so as to avoid any such issues.

Steps to download and install McAfee antivirus.

It is relatively easy to install Mcafee in your device. When you purchase it, you will receive instructions manual with all necessary guidelines. You would need to

1. Open a browser on your device and visit the McAfee website.
2. If you have already registered, you need to sign in and if you are a first-time user, you must register using an email id that you regularly access. You will be able to reset your password using this id.
3. You may directly access for logging in.
4. When you Log in, select McAfee Internet Security under the heading My Apps.
5. When the download starts, you may select the devices you wish to protect.
6. The process will continue only after you agree to the terms and conditions given.
7. For activation, you would need a key or a serial number. So, don’t forget to write it down when it flashes on the screen.

Steps to activate McAfee antivirus

If McAfee anti-virus was pre-installed in your system or you completed above mentioned steps, then McAfee antivirus has been successfully installed on your device. Now you would need to activate it. For this you may access through your browser.

1. Type the 25 digit code that you received when you purchased McAfee antivirus. You can find it printed on the card.
2. Click on Submit.
3. Follow the instructions to run the setup.
4. When the installation is complete, you would need to restart the computer.

Your McAfee Internet Security has been activated and you are protected against a large number of cyber threats. You also have an option to download your software from if you have already used your activation code/key.

You may also get started with McAfee internet security by going the other way round. Directly enter your code and log in to your Mcafee account using the email id you registered with. You enter into the world of cyber security with an enter of your password. If you forget any of your details, you can easily recover them from McAfee offers safety and security along with a robust customer support system.