How to Login McAfee My Account?

Whether you have purchased an anti-virus several times or this is the first time you are giving this amazing software a try, you need to log in using credentials before McAfee can secure your data. McAfee ensures that it keeps its resources accessible, easy to use and free of any complication. That’s the reason why user manuals, online support, customer services and other steps are initiated by the company to offer best-in-class services at an affordable price and with benefits that makes the customers stick to the brand.

How to get your Mcafee Myaccount?

McAfee total protection is known to safeguard your smart devices from almost all types of malware, worms, virus, Trojan etc. It is convenient to use and has amazing features like:

1. Anti-virus Protection

2. Firewall

3. System Optimization and Performance Enhancement

4. Shredder

5. Web Protection

6. Parental Control

7. Automatic Regular Updatation

To avail the benefits offered in this price-effective tool, you need to have an Mcafee Myaccount.

The CD you receive or the card that gives you the details about software and credentials is the first thing that you would need, others being an active internet connection, a browser and of course the device you wish to protect from malware. You may download and install the software initially or later on, but for its activation, you would need to sign in using your email id and password. The pack you receive does have a temporary password that you must change once you successfully log in using it. Ensure that the email id you use to register is correct and functional as you will require to access it later.

For registration, there’s nothing much that you need to do. When you go to the page, you get to see two columns. One column is for the users who already have a Mcafee Myaccount and the other is for those who are new users.

To create Mcafee Myaccount, you must click on Register. A number of details will need to be filled by you including your name, email address and the password you would like to keep. Your information will be accepted only after you agree to the terms and conditions given on the page. This email id and password will serve you as long as you use McAfee internet security system. For future purchases or help from McAfee team, this will prove to be beneficial.

Why do you need a Mcafee Login id?

As mentioned before, McAfee team utilizes the database created over the years to communicate with its customers. If you are using the same id for every purchase you make with McAfee, you receive an added advantage of all your credentials to be placed in one place and the history of your device available to combat against potential threats.

Process of Logging in to McAfee

McAfee Log in is as simple as its registration. Logging in does not necessarily means that you are buying new software or upgrading your services, it is just an account that you can access to know about the date of expiry of your anti-virus software, or to seek technical help, or to find out more ways of utilizing this amazing software for other devices that you use. You simply need to enter your email id and password using which you signed up for the first time. In case you forget your credentials, you can recover it using the options given.