Know about the McAfee Retailcard

A card that you get from a departmental store or online provider that can offer rewards or software is termed as a retailcard. You can easily get one from to safeguard your computer system and other smart devices against Trojan, Virus or malware of any types.

With constantly changing lifestyle, our reliability and dependency on the digital mediums of shopping or working has increased in leaps and bounds. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and a number of technology systems are regularly introduced via this great worldwide web. This however, also puts at stake our security if we do not use a security system capable of combating with the possible threats.

When you are surfing a website, you come across bots, advertisements and other such pop-ups. At times there pop-ups lead you to a page that you wish not to land on. Even if you count on your digital literacy, there still is a possibility of a virus making your computer slower and slower. When you would discuss this problem of yours, an anti-virus will be the solution offered. This antivirus will come in the form of a retail card.


Benefits of the Mcafee retail card


A Mcafee retail card gives you the power of the latest antivirus softwares without having to use a CD. Generally an antivirus software pack would comprise of a CD enclosed inside and passcodes printed on the cover. The name of the company will be stated in bold. It will highlight the features and benefits you receive on the purchase of this product. A bar code will be there and the operating systems as well as processors it can work for will also be mentioned. Other than that customer care number and website details will also be written on the box. It will clearly state its validity, the process of activation/installation, and a product key. You can get it from any retailer or order it online.

With a retail card, however, you do not need to use a CD for the installation.

It is quick, simple and convenient. Also, it works fine for the few computer systems who either do not have a CD player inbuilt or is not in a functioning state. A Mcafee Retail Card works as good as a CD. The activation process is also similar. The only difference is that you do not have to insert a CD and use the online portal instead.

Once you have the retail card you would need to activate it and complete the installation process so as to take the benefit of an antivirus that blocks numerous potential threats. The web page can also be used to directly access the steps of download and installation. The product also works for Macbooks and iOS phones. To summarise, the process stated below are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Enter the URL given on the retail card in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Choose your country and language.
  3. Enter the code given on the card.
  4. Login using your email id or sign up if you are a new user.
  5. Once you log in, you can download and activate your internet security software.